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  • Well put, AtonyB. I do indeed think that no one needs more than 2Gb and I have no right to impose that on others. My music goals will be different to yours. I can't get better drum sounds (for my purpose) then the MPC2500. Don't know why I bothered with the 128Mb expansion because for any one song, I can have my sounds in 5mb. Also, I can't get better synth sounds than a Voyager and TI. I have no use for very good orchestral samples though.

    I'm saying that focusing on a temporary technology brick wall, like the 64-bit migration path, is separate from making music. I suspect that this has all become a distraction from the real reason you have the computer. Be careful of that trap, because having that extra ram will not be noticeable to your audience. Do they care that you had to freeze tracks or layer tracks because you didn't have the resources?

    I am wary of the hype with new technology. I've seen it come and go enough times. Take from technology that which works for you. Don't spend time on anything which doesn't improve your music. Which in this case means 64-bit OS if your chosen instruments don't work with it right now.



  • The new play engine has (probably) the best streaming engine I've seen on the marker. Still it's not as efficient as loading the sounds on to ram.

    Furthermore, I have noticed that a lot of "spectrasonics" instruments need a lot of ram as well. (Stylus, Trilogy and now Omnisphere requires a lot of ram).
    If you compose a complicated track that combines classic with electronic you are going to have to use a 64bit machine. Regardless if you load sounds on to your ram or not.


  • i would prefer to not discuss what's needed to create a certain music style in here, maybe in a different thread but let's focus on the existing problems here, okay?
    i was asking my question for a simple reason: i don't have a product which is using the play engine, so i cannot verify if there is a potential problem. i'm using vienna instruments a lot and i cannot say that they influence the way total integration works and performs at all. at least on a mac, there is streaming engines which claim their memory "outside" the sequencer application and others which use the memory assigned to the host sequencer. that makes a vast difference. omnisphere for instance uses the memory of the sequencer, kontakt 3.5 and the VSL library doesn't. i just want to make sure we compare things which can be compared. and i'm not certain which mechanism the play engine makes use of.

    best, marc

  • hmm.. so I guess I'll have to say it's EW.

    The reason I upgraded my OS to 64-bit is so I could load more sounds into Play.
    Still it would be a pity to have 8GB of ram and not have 64-bit.

    Would you recommend having dual boot (windows and mac) or should I wait for windows 64-bit support?
    I heard that dual boot can cause problems...

  • i think i would wait (if the situations allows you to do so). maybe you can offload some VSTs to another computer and use LAN over audio for now? especially with orchestra instruments, millisecond accurate timing shouldn't be the main concern. i know many of you want 64 bit compatibility now but since it is such a chicken and egg problem (cpu versus computer OS versus host etc.) it takes time. getting a system like Total Integration to 64 bit is not as "trivial" as it appears to.


  • i know many of you want 64 bit compatibility now but since it is such a chicken and egg problem (cpu versus computer OS versus host etc.) it takes time. getting a system like Total Integration to 64 bit is not as "trivial" as it appears to.


    Marc, what are you saying? Should we read between the lines? You're scaring me!


  • I'm glad that you have a positive tone, though - ie you seem to make it sound like it's all very possible and going to happen - just that its going to take some graft...

  • is it only EW play engine that causes what some of you describe or is it a more universal behaviour? the main difference in between kontakt/exs/halion/play and e.g. vienna instruments is how they stream from disk. they all don't load 1g into RAM for a piano patch (unless you turn off streaming which is a bad idea).

    best, marc

    It's only the EW Play engine... but i also had "engine crashes" with Kontakt by adressing too much RAM... :/

    the main issue remains as EWs fault, because the engine just works very unstable within 32bit.
    the first 15 minutes work just great, but afterwards serveral issues are going to appear.
    things like if you're loading up a complete different instrument, PLAY doesn't get it at all - and of course: no change to the sound,
    or the sound gets shorter and shorter, till crackle...
    or cubase just crashes..
    and there are more of this kind ...

    east west is the biggest reason for me to get into the 64bit dimension...
    just waiting for windows7 to get myself a new machine with loads of ram.

    so i have to stay informed which of my plugins won't work with the new system, and my Virus TI is the biggest point NOT to update
    checking this forum every day (not just once) with hope... :)