Hello VIRUS Users! i am a newbie TI2 Keyboard owner....

  • Just got my new Virus TI2 for my birthday present (to myself of course, as no one would buy me one he he :D ) am loving the sounds, and depth of this Keyboard. Was inspired by Gary Numan as i know he uses Access Virus synths for the BIG moog type sounds, and i love that sound. I have been into synths since the early 80's played in numerous bands since the 80's, and still crave new sounds. I record a lot of my own music too with a long time collaborator, who also happens to be a keyboard player too... I enjoy programming and have a reasonable idea of how to program most synths, I own...

    Roland XP80

    Korg Triton Extreme 88

    Korg Triton LE 64

    Korg X3

    Roland Juno 106

    Roland SH101

    Yamaha SY35

    Korg Kontrol 49 (Midi Control Keyboard)

    Korg Legacy (MS20 Hardware synth & M1, Poly61, Wavestation, Monopoly)

    Alesis SR18 Drum Machine

    And now my Access Virus TI2 Keyboard.

    So as you can see... i like my Musical Gadgets. :D

    I record and produce music mainly for pleasure, but when im in a new band/project program my keyboards for as near a copy to original as i can get...i like the challenge!

    I am just starting to learn this beast, and its superb the amount of diversity you have, a good basic understanding of synthesis certainly helps... which i have.. but love learning new tricks and tips. I hope to get some exciting stuff off here and also contribute in the future once i have learned how to twist this infectious beast!....

    Heres to many sleepless nights! :thumbup:

  • Hi Lonis.... Yes, i have a great collection but am running out of space... i need a bigger house! or lose some keyboards... ?( I have collected these since 1980 and had various other synths such as Ensoniq EPS16+, Korg Micro preset (my 1st ever synth in 80s), Roland D5, Roland D50, Juno 6, Juno 60 & JSQ60 Sequencer, and Yamaha DX9... Roland TR808, TR505, TR606 Drumatix Drum Machines, and lots of other bits and pieces over the years. But all the above has been sold for other purchases... or i would be drowning in tech! lol...

    Hi AtonyB... just watched your clip of "complex" sounds great! and your demos are very very good too... it is very hard to recreate Numans Moogy sounds, but the Virus is definately the easiest synth to do that task. i have had it a couple of weeks now and programming is pretty easy, and powerful. I purchased the Virus almost just because i heard a guy on You Tube called "Matt Jessop" who recreated near perfect replicas (scuse the pun) of Pleasure principle patches of moogs and Odysey sounds check him out. He also claims to have written and submitted the patches to Mr Numan himself along with Ade Fenton who adapted & Tweeked abit more for his Telekon tour and Principle tour (which i went to see). I tried to get the banks of sounds of Matt but hes a bit reluctant to let em go lol... Do you have any banks of numan sounds i could have? as starting blocks. Im particularly after "Cars" as we do that in our 80s band. :P I saw Numan using the Virus live and thought WOW! its a modern moog! and the rest is history. It fits in with my current sound arsenal and supplements it all very nicely. :thumbup: Thanks for your feedback... i will post some sounds up when i have had time to master the beast....

  • Yes I know Matt well. I have his presets. Sadly I cannot share. I have also 'corrected' his Vox Humana preset (only a minor error and perhaps unnoticable apart from what I was using it for).

    You have a big and immensely entertaining learning curve in front of you. There are also numanesq (hint hint) presets already on there as factory presets so take a look around.