BSoD when booting virus, and sync issue

  • Hi,

    I get a BSoD when switching on the Virus, pretty much every single time. No other programs are running. Seems to have started with 4.5. On the restart it's fine, only happens if I switch on Virus while computer was already on.

    Virus TI Desktop

    WinXP 32


    Gigabyte P67-UD4 (I'm using a USB2 socket on here)

    4GB Mushkin

    M-Audio Delta 1010LT

    Gigabyte GTX 460 SOC 1GB

    Also, the notes sometimes go out of sync in Cubase 5. Hitting stop then play again fixes it but it's a bit annoying. Again only since 4.5.

    (wow sorry about the massive line breaks, don't know why it added those)

  • Thanks heckmat. Had a look at them but kind of expensive for pci-e ones, esp for something I'm not 100% will fix problem. And I sort of need all my pci-e slots for dsp cards etc.

    Minnox nice to know it's not just me then. I expected to find more talk about it already.

    Think I'll wait for next update or go back to the old version. Took a pic with phone when it happened again just now, dunno if it's any help to anyone:

    [Blocked Image:]

  • yes, sysaudio.sys bsod. but its not happening regulary here, tho often enough to keep it detached, using spdif/midi only now.
    i wonder if anyone with win7 64bit is having the same problem? would be finally a good reason to switch the OS.

  • I previously had issues with the Virus VST Control not syncing when starting cubase. It would take multiple cubase restarts to have the virus ti connect.

    Ever since I went to x64 windows, I have not had one issue.

    920 core i7
    gigabyte x58 ud3r
    12 mb ram
    windows 7
    cubase 6
    virus ti