Logic: Problem recognising Virus and problems syncing to host

  • "read the setup guide, they're talking about @ page 4"

    Great i will do that.

    Thanks for the info.

    "in my case the best (VC) setup is to use the ti with the analog outputs, so i use VC as an editor..... "

    I tried that but i found a better audio quality (less noise) on the USB-Real Time Export on my DAW.

    Best Regards

  • Well,in my DAW the Virus analog outs are noticeably noisy,that's why i´ll stick with the USB.

    Personally i prefer a clean sound and then if needed add whatever is required.

    IMO all that "analog this and analog that" is overvalued and is not important for me.

    "when u play with the filter for example, analogs doesn't sound as usb"

    Nevertheless your statement makes curious so despite we are talking about a VA i´ll check it to see if i can find a valuable difference for me.

    Kind Regards