Virus TI Installer Release and Mac OSX Lion

  • Hi,

    anyone know if the newest installer (not the Beta version) of VIRUS TI software (4.1.1) has any compatibility issue with the newest O.S. from Apple the Mac OsX Lion?

    Is there anyone that has tested it with Mac OsX Lion?

  • I'm in no hurry to get Lion, NI has warned of compatibility issues & it's uncharted territory as far as I'm concerned. I'll let others be the pioneers/guinea pigs & I'll only update if & when it becomes necessary.

  • Ruari: also Ableton at the moment doesn't not recommend to update to Lion, they have a critical bug with this that they're fixing :O

    AlteredMode: i look forward to hear something from your test :) according to Access TI official release, the compatibility is guaranteed for MacOS X 10.5 or higher... then i suppose that also Lion is included in the "higher" :)

  • hi all.

    just wanted to report some good news...

    osx lion 10.7
    logic pro 9.1.4 - in 64 bit mode
    macmini 2.5ghz - 4gb ram
    access virus ti - 4.5.115

    all installed nicely. works. a bit of static on the output when i used it on a few arpegiators, but it's functional. haven't seen any sync issues yet!

    logic complains that there is a USB conflict with the root USB hub, (i thought it was the wired keyboard usb connections, i spent 25 minutes connecting my wireless keyboard - doh!) but it seems to work.

    and props to access - when i went to use the ti, it prompted me to change the logic pro device buffer size to small, nicely done!

    purchase previous results of virus recordings here:

  • Hi Marc..!

    today Ableton has released Ableton Live 8.2.5 that is supported by Lion... i hope Virus TI will work right as well with it.

    I look forward to hear some news from you

  • Hi Marc..!

    today Ableton has released Ableton Live 8.2.5 that is supported by Lion... i hope Virus TI will work right as well with it.

    I look forward to hear some news from you

    thanks for the info. we will not support lion officially unless all hosts (which include cubase and protools) will be listed compatible but from my personal experience, logic seems fine and maybe some others who dare to update can chime in and report how ableton live works with virus control. by the way, in theory it should be all good (we did some lion related adjustments month ago). but: we will not make an official statements before we got access to all host in a lion compatible version - we cannot simply say it works because we assume it works.

  • ok, i understand the scenario, so i'll wait for the official statement because i don't want to think to a probable roll-back of the O.S. just because the virus control is not fully compatible with lion os.

    thank you so much marc for your feedback.. it's well appreciated!

  • Hi Folks,

    Been running this for a fairly brief amount of time in Lion and all seems great other than a few anomalies.

    Previous projects have developed high frequency crackling, not all but it does seem to be there. Strange thing being I have tried the same patches from a fresh start and all seems well however there is no automation going on with the new project (and no other Au's) so perhaps that is the issue? I would like to call it zipper noise, although it's not really like that.

    Has something changed with regards to output level when using direct? My RME FF800 is set to +4 dBu (as it always has been), I have balanced jacks connected from the TI but the level difference is quite apparent. -10 dBV seems a closer match to what is coming through Logic via USB. I don't see any option in the config to adjust the TI output, unless of course I've missed it!


  • And there is most certainly some odd behaviour when switching between Dierct, USB and the Live button config. I have noticed this before, latency seems to increase even when using direct. Pressing the live button seems to get things straight again but something seems odd.

  • Hi Marc,

    Known issues with this beta then perhaps? Very cryptic reply if you don't mind me saying so! TI is on the same / own bus as per usual.


  • Hi Marc,

    Apology to make here.

    I was running 45115 in Lion and not 41105 as the title of this thread suggests. However, I just went back to 45016 and the crackling has gone. Arps in Logic seem rock solid and as per usual it sounds damn good. Something with 45115 I guess.

    All the best,