Anyone using z68 chipset successfully?

  • Hi, this is my first post. I'm going to build a new pc soon and was wondering if anyone is using a z68 motherboard with their Virus TI and whether it works properly. Info on what motherboard you have would be good. I'm using a Core 2 duo at the moment, had a couple of issues with blue screen when putting the virus in old projects with loads of stuff going on and some arp sync issues. Contacted Access about it and they helped at first but then completely ignored the problem. Not happy about that really but nevermind, i'm going off track!



  • Hey, might as well reply even though this is an old thread and you probably decided on your system already.

    I'm using a Asus Z68 v-LE with the Virus TI Snow and although you need to take a few days over a few weeks to configure everything - or a few days in a row if you want to go insane - everything works pretty well, at least well enough for what I want to get out of it.

    Originally I thought the Mobo was incompatible because I could not run the installer; I even bought a USB PCI expansion card to dedicate a USB connection to the Virus TI - this solved nothing.

    I then tried an older version of the installer - and worked, even on the Mobo's USB ports (not thru the expansion card). So I don't think the Mobo is the problem after all. Guess I should have tried that first..

    There are sync issues and the audio will fully crash sometimes using the Virus TI Snow as a sound card but I think these can be remedied by more settings changing and trial and error.

    Hope this helps anyone else, and hopefully Access can figure out why one installer would work and the other wouldn't all things equal. Maybe the latest version would solve my sync and crashing issues.

  • Hey, thanks for the reply! I haven't had enough money to buy a new system but now I do. Thinking of going for an i7 3770k, does anyone have experience with using the Virus on a Z75/77 ivybridge chipset? Probably going to be buying in about 2 days so would be awesome if anyone could reply.

    Thanks :)

  • I just upgraded to a i5 3470 (i think) with an Asus P8Z77-V LK and it works amazingly. Highly recommended.

    Also using a Mackie Onyx firewire as my primary soundcard. None of the conflicts and weirdness and crap latency i used to have on my old amd 64 bit chip.

    Might be as much the move from xp to windows 7 though. :rolleyes: