Access or Apple - Who's to blame?

  • I have had nothing but problems trying to get the Virus Control software working in Logic 9. From sync issues to garbled audio, the system simply doesn't work. So I finally just gave up and have been using my TI keyboard via MIDI (with no problems at all).

    But just for kicks, I tried using Virus Control in Cubase 6 today. This was on the same computer (iMac Core i7) with all the same settings and connections. And you know what, Virus Control works great in Cubase!

    Although Cubase is an excellent program, I'm a long-time Logic user/fan and am not prepared to make the switch just so I can use Virus Control with my TI.

    So my question is whether there is something inherently flakey with Apple's Audio Unit standard or is the AU version of Virus Control just poorly written (compared to the VST version)? In other words, does Apple need to update Logic to integrate better with USB audio plugins or does Access need to write a better AU version of Virus Control?

    Who's fault is it?

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  • I haven't got around to Logic 9 yet but I can report that Logic 8 and my Virus TI keyboard work seamlessly together. I can empathise with your frustration but rest assured, the problems you see will get resolved eventually. The fact that it works OK with Cubase 6 does rather points the finger of blame at Logic 9 in my opinion. Are you up to date with your Logic 9 patches? Have you tried reporting the issue to Apple or raised the issue on the excellent Logic users forum? You might just find there is already a solution or workaround out there.

  • Well, I'm having loads of issues and I'm running cubase 6. I can't work for 20 minutes before the sound completely cuts out or it opening VC crashes cubase.

    Any suggestions on a new hub would really be appreciated.