Help on Virus in reaper ive done something wrong!

  • hi i am new to this so please make it simple for me.
    i am using reaper and when i get the virus ti up in daw it asks me if i wont the following tracks for this effect if not only the stereo 1/2 outputs will be audible without vfurther routing.
    stereo 1/2 new track 2 virus ti1
    stereo 3/4 new track 3 virus ti2
    stereo 5/6 track new track 4 virus ti3
    i thought i should have 16 channels? whats wrong please help, also how do i get more the one sound working in multi i cant find the info in the manual.

  • Tranceboy46,

    From your description, it sounds like you're confusing audio and midi channels. The Virus is 16 part multitimbral meaning that you can have 16 midi channels playing at once (provided you do not run out of polyphony), but as with most hardware you will not have a corresponding hardware out for each midi part. As far as hardware synths go, the 6 usb/hardware outs of the Virus is quite generous.

    To get around the limited number of audio channels, there are a few things you can do.

    1. You can record each part to audio right away to free up audio channels for additional sounds.

    2. You can group similar sounds to the same outputs, i.e. all basses to outs 1/2, all leads to 3/4, all pads to 5/6 etc.

    3. You can put some sounds into mono, i.e. basses and drums. For instance you could put a sub bass on audio channel 1 and a kick on channel 2. I'm not familiar with Reaper, but you should have no problem then centering each mono channel (so they don't just come out of the left or right speaker). In Ableton, there is a handy utility plug which allows you to force mono and/or narrow the stereo field.

    Hope this helps.

  • You need separate MIDI channels for each patch. Ch1 = patch 1, ch2 = patch 2 etc.

    please could you explain how i do this , what ive tried doing is changing the all channels to midi 2 for my secound sound, but still cant get two or more sounds working

  • I've never used Reaper before so I haven't got a clue how you would do this.

    In Logic you would start with the first channel set to 1, by default it is set to all but you can change this in the tracks MIDI parameters, then you would tell Logic you wanted a new track with the next MIDI channel.

    Like I say I have no idea how to do this in Reaper.

  • Hey mate, i was wondering too on how to do this in Reaper 4 and i found out how to go about it.

    1) Launch a new project and go to Track menu. Select insert a virtual Instrument on a new track. Select the Virus TI plugin.

    2) Then a page will pop up with > stereo 1/2 new track 2 virus ti1, stereo 3/4 new track 3 virus ti2, stereo 5/6 track new track 4 virus ti3..Click NO.

    3) Click on your FX Track 1 "Virus Ti" page, you will see Options menu located at the top left in the same window. Select Build 16 channels of Midi Routing to this track. 16 multi channels will be created and linked to the Virus TI.

    Select channel/track 2 and enable record. You should trigger the Virus TI (Track 1) and make sure you enable the Record Monitoring just below the FX button (triangle icon) to hear the sound. If you don't enable the Recording Monitoring, you will not hear any sound. If you can't see the Recording Monitoring icon, enlarge the track and you will see it.


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