LFO reverse saw (ramp up)!!!

  • I'm really surprised that the Virus doesn't already have this feature especially with the number of extra waveforms to choose from. I suspect it'd be an easy addition. Can we have this guys? That would rock!

  • That would be similar, but not exactly the same, would it? Since you'd have to have whatever was being modulated set where it would have peaked from the modulation of the normal saw wave, I'm assuming. So it'd get the job done, but could require changing a bunch of parameters?

  • Maybe I wasn't clear what I was getting at, or maybe I'm misunderstanding this.

    Let's assume for simplicity that the LFO is in envelope mode so it only triggers once.
    A normal saw wave has its high point at the beginning of its cycle. So if it is modifying the pitch, the pitch will be higher than the base pitch when the key is first pressed, and eventually it will decrease to match the base pitch.
    Using negative modulation on a normal saw wave produces the opposite effect - the pitch will be lower than the base pitch when the key is first pressed, and eventually it will increase to match the base pitch.
    My thought was that an actual reversed saw wave would start at the base pitch and increase to where the pitch began with the normal saw wave.

    So if you wanted to achieve the last effect described, you'd actually have to modify e.g. the oscillator's pitch in addition to setting the LFO to negative modulation.
    At least, that's what I'm thinking; maybe I misunderstood this or what was being requested.

  • With the virus it will work identically to the normal saw, just in reverse. So it functions 100% as a typical reverse saw would. At maximum modulation it starts around 2 2/3 octaves below the root pitch and modulate up to around 2 2/3 octaves above the root.

    If you use in envelope mode the signal starts high, goes to the root, then back to the high point. Same thing with reverse saw.. it starts low, goes to the root then back to the low point where it holds. Nothing unusual here and everything operates the same way it would if there was a button for reverse saw.