Getting the Virus TI2 working with Emu1212m sound card

  • I'm interested in getting my Emu 1212m sound card working with the Virus, as I'd be able to use my ADAT breakout box to completely wire up all the Virus ins and outs. The TI2 appears to be working perfectly well if I use the it as my sound card, but causes all manner of problems if I try to run it through the Emu.

    Firstly, every time I open the Virus plug-in I'm told that either the buffer is too big or that it's an odd size and needs to be (basically) a power of two below 512 samples.

    Trouble is the Emu only allows me to change the timing in milliseconds, meaning I can't get an exact power of two in samples.

    I get a lot of popping and crackling until I drive the sound card timing from the Virus's SPDIF out, so maybe I'm close to a solution, but even then MIDI timing is abysmal.

    Has anyone got these two bits of hardware working together? If so, how?

  • It works fine on my creative sound card (so the drivers may be very similar) with a non-power-of-two buffer (no crackling or anything), there might be other ways to get better performance to fix this...

  • Thanks guys.

    Glad to hear you're getting good results with a Creative card, AtonyB. It does give me some hope. Do you mind me asking which one?

    Flabberbob, that sounds great, but I haven't found a way to do this with Ableton yet. Which DAW are you using that allows this? If I have a copy I may be able to at least see if it's causing any problems.

  • Thanks Flabberbob.

    You'll notice that in the screenshot the buffer size (in samples) is grey. This means it's not editable, and it only changes when I update the hardware setup. This gives me a window supplied by the VST driver for the sound card, which in the case of the Emu drivers doesn't give the option of choosing a buffer size in samples. Only in ms.

    Using Reaper is a great idea though - thanks for the heads-up.

    Interestingly, I thought I'd fixed my MIDI timing problems yesterday when I turned off MIDI sync on all the Virus entries in the MIDI set-up page. All seemed to be good, until I used the Virus in a complex project. Then all hell broke loose. Every time I ran the project the MIDI was a different amount out, up to a 16th in some cases.