Noob question about multimode

  • I currently own the access virus classic desktop module and I had a question in regards to the multi mode
    I understand how single mode works.. now I am wondering how the multi mode works.. Is it just assigning different patches to different keys on the keyboard?
    I have tried to figure it out but the manual for my virus isn't as noob-friendly as I would have liked it to be
    does multi mode just combine different patch sounds to one key?
    It's super confusing trying to figure it out when the software isn't compatible on new apple Macs


  • I am not especially familiar with the Virus classic, but essentially, in the multi edit menu you have the option to assign the highest key and the lowest key for each part, so that if some parts overlap over some keys, it will seem as if the patches are layered when those keys are played. Otherwise, it will seem as if the keyboard is split.

  • The idea of multi-mode is so that you can use the synth multi-timbraly with a software sequencer, i.e. each of the 16 parts has a unique MIDI channel and is assigned to a different track on the sequencer so you can play up to 16 different sounds at once. By assigning the same MIDI channel to different parts you can create layers or in combination with key ranges you can create keyboard splits.