heaven and hell.

  • g'day there from out bush in australia.

    possibly a strange place to be a virus owner, but, i needed a solid piece of hardware that integrated with ableton and here it is.

    i had a few teething problems getting my TI to run on my pc. but, once i had un installed, and re-installed, and found the correct usb port to run it on, i have had no problems at all. none that are serious anyways. i am sure any glitches that have happened since i have started using the TI function, are purely just me learning the instrument.

    ok, the music i write is rather varied.

    i have played guitar for over 20 years, and also am rather tidy with percussion. i 'play' on the keyboard. i have a pianowhich needs to be deliverd to my house soon. i am no piano player at all. i play. as in have fun like a child.

    the electronic music i compose ranges from experimental modern classical / IDM, to techno, while exploring different avenues between the 2 points.

    i have been writing a lot of dub techno for the last year or so. i love the darker, minimal, ambient echoing lushness of dubtechno.

    i have also been writing minimal techno, fidget housy techno, deep house/deep techno, and also exploring the areas of post dubstep like uk bass.other than than mnml and i have been attempting to write straight out techno, with harder faster beats than mnml, and exploring the acid lines of techno.
    whe it comes down to it i am purely a novice at this whole electronic game, but, i enjoy ;earning and playing, so that is the main thing.

    i have been influenced by the psychedelic trance scene. while i do not write psychedelic trance, i tend to think of a lot of my music as intelligent psychedelic techno. i have certainly been around, and been in plenty of psy parties. i like the undergound nature of the psy scene, and feel quite at home there. i used to be involved with a group that put on underground parties for years throughout the 90's and early noughties.

    i have been painting, sculpting, filming, photographing, and imagining artworks for my entire life.

    i dream music.seriously.i do.

    i also surf. when i am near the coast that is.

    in short, i consider myself a creative soul inhabiting the body of a human person,

    my humble apologies if this intro has been too long, and fancy.

    it is an honor to be a virus owner, and i am thrilled to be a part of this club.

    :rolleyes: :D ;) :) ;) :D :rolleyes: :thumbup:

  • hey there...

    thanx for the welcome..

    i am enjoying it so far.

    alltho i am very capable of creating my own patches, and that is where i will end up, to feel a synth out it is cool to surf the patches. well,
    i will admit, that i must be so used to the NI way of browsing patches. the NI patch browser is brilliant. you want bass, or you want chord, well there it is. so, i have found that the virus patch library is so random.
    so i want to ask, is it just me not using the browser correctly? or is it all just random.

  • yes there are over 3000 sounds in the Virus, and selecting the right one is time consuming. However, if you press "shift" and move the "category" soft knob 1 (under the LCD screen) you will get categories of sounds, Basses, FX, Leads, Strings, etc... just press "Value +/-" to right of soft knobs to go thru the sounds in them categories.

    Or even better, use the Virus Control software on ur PC/Mac loaded into your DAW for more control using its librarian/Browser. Theres lots of info on here regarding VC (virus Control).

    You can have control or random patches...its your choice :) theres even a "randomise" patch selection to get you started on creating new sounds, this has weird unexpected effects sometimes but worth a play with...

    Once you understand the "access way" of doing things its quite intuitive...

    Have fun 8)

  • thankyou very much for that information.

    it was exactly what i needed to know.

    yes, i did figure that there must have been something i was missing. it would not make sense a all, for one of, if not the, greatest non-analog synths of all time, to not have an intuitive, all encompassing, catagorized patch browsing function.

    have fun you say, hahaha, oh yeah, i am that. x 1000. i am just playing from the 'init' patch mainly, and twiddling knobs. and that my new friend, is the best fun i have had for a long time. :D :thumbup:

    i have some wonderful softsynth plugs. DCAM synthsquad, U-He zebra 2, NI massive, NI fm8, NI absynth 5, NI reaktor 5, ableton live suite with max for live, etc etc, and i have a number of controllers with keys,nobs, sliders, pads, buttons etc etc to mapped anywhere .... but, haveing the virus' hands on nobs to play with is just awesome. i am in love allready. sure, the polyphony gets eaten up quickly with a number of instances in VC, but, i find there are a number of layers that can be burnt to audio anyway, just like i do with my evolver, but, with the virus, i can leave one or two unbouced, so i can have them free to tweek... all cool.

  • Hi and welcome to the Club. Nice to know there are other Aussies that have been Infected. Where abouts are you located?? Similar tastes in music and I live on the Sunny Coast Qld with a TI2 desktop plus a few other analog and digital synths as well as some other analog and digital outboard gear.
    I recently purchased some third party patches and if you can't find the sound you want by tweaking that is the way to go.
    Cheers Tom :)

  • hey there, i reckon there would be a number of ozzies lurkin around. i am actually in mudgee at the moment. about 4 -5 hrs off the coast, west of newcastle. central west ranges, heading down the slopes to the plains. fuckin hot. tho relatively kool this summer and wet, tho not as wet as you mob up there...

    anyway, i love livin bush tho... australia is bloody awesome away from the rat race, and with the net, i feel in touch... and hell, i still got a studio to keep myself amused. in a away i feel like i am away from the city s influences so i can shape my own thing. i just miss goin out is all. tho i still get away to a doof or two.

    anyway... i will pm you some tracks when i write something new with this unit...

    so do you surf up there man.

  • Hi welcome, I'm new here too.

    I'm from Ballarat in Victoria and have really enjoyed my virus ti 2, had it for about 5 weeks now and have been pleased with the progress I have made with It using my Dell 1737 laptop, no reall USB issue although I can't get reliable latency @ 128 buffer.

    Haven't had any glitches with the audio for a while, need to get spdif cable ATM using RCA and is over a meter long so sound could be improved. I had patches the we're drifting with arp modes wondering why, and found the I had the virus enabled to receive midi clock or sync in the midi sync pref in live, I unchecked this because virus control handles this Already, so I was confusing it I reckon.

    Anyway look forward to chatting more to people on the forums to create good experiences with this synth.