Virus TI Driver

  • I recentlybought a TI Virus Desktop but it came with no CD. I need the driver. I have already reinstalled with no luck. Please help!!!

  • i just bought a 2nd hand ti this week too. i had the same problems , but on a w7 pc. anyway, i solved the problem like this. i dont think there are cds, you need to down load the install packge from the access site. make sure you download the correct pack too. in my case i needed the 64 bit pack, for my windows is 64. as you are on vista, even if your pc is 64 bit, i think vista is only 32.. so you wiull need the 32 bit pack... check in your pc to see what your vista is.

    you need to figure out what usb port works best. on my pc, i have 4 ports. 2 either side. one one side they are 2 usb2 ports, but when checking in the devices folder, it says they are a composite bus. ie, the 2 port share the same bus, or channel, if you like . in other words they share bandwidth. this is the port i was plugging into, because the other ports were usb3, and i wasnt sure if that would work. {silly me}

    now the first few times i tried the install, it didnt work properly because i used the composite usb2 port. like, it did install, but it was a little rough, and then when i opened virus control[vc] in live, it kept freezing on the first page after putting it in a midi channel.

    or what kept happening first was vc would load, and then tell me i had no virus connected, and was telling me to do some process where you turn it off and start it with arp edit held down... that didnt work... and i would also get windows messages telling me the drivers were not working.

    so , after doing this a few times, and getting BSOD, and wanting to throw the virus in the river, i decided to calm down, and try the other buses/ ports. when i got the blue screen of death, it said that i had corrupt, or not installed correctly drivers.
    so it was becoming clear, the install wasnt happening properly, and only part of the drivers was getting thru. it could only be the usb connection i figured.. so i decided to try again, using the other solo usb3 ports.

    so this is what i did.

    1. un installed everything.

    2. shut down and restarted pc. i think this is important.

    3. reinstalled.. this time using the solo usb3 port.

    i let it do the firmware update, and anything it needed to do. and waited patiently and calmly.

    4. when it had finished the re install. which, i will add, happened a lot faster , and smoother, with no interuptions or freezes, i then once again, shut down pc, and re started.
    not sure if it was needed, bu ti just decided to anyway. it often seems to help.

    5. i booted up my daw, which is live, but it is irrelevent really which daw. and then i added VC to a a channel.

    i noticed that it took a little time to slot in the channel, and then , it does a little load up sequence where bars go around a circle. and then you get an option page to set up your daw. if needed do this , or just prss ok and get past it.
    but, either way, you need to wait as it is doing another process. patch sync.. and it seems to take forever doing this patch sync.

    it took about 7 minutes this first time, where as now, when ever i do it it takes like 30 seconds at the most. actually more like about 5-10 seconds mostly now. i guess it varies because of the project or whatever, and maybe the firsttime it is doing more, creating settings within your pc or something.?? not sure

    anyway my point is, this may take a few minutes, so remain calm, and let it happen.

    and then everything should be good to go. you know the patch sync is finished because the screen on the virus unit goes back to its play page, with a bank/patch the sync message is gone.

    hope that all helps.

    a few hints.

    to find if you have 32 or 64 bit os:
    -- go to control panel, put in in classic or category, and choose sytem. it will be in there.

    to find out what bus to use. control panel, categories,
    then choose devices and printers,
    then in the devices section choose your computer{ it may be called whatever you called your computer}
    then choose hardware
    then scroll down until you find your usb hubs.
    if you have a composite, you dont want them. hopefully you will have one or two called root hubs. they are the ones you want. now you just need yo find out which ones they are.
    often if you look on your actual computer, under the usb port, or beside it, there will be the usb symbol. you may notice that some of the usb symbols differ from each other.. it should not be too hard tio figure out which port is usb1,2,or 3 that way.
    i know there is another way to find out, by some device screen and you plug a flash drive in, and if you search the guide on this site you will find it... i didnt need to do that. as i could see which ones were different on the lappie. also, my komplete audio 6 interface only works on usb 2, so i allready knew which waas which. i didnt know, however, that my usb2 was composite, and my usb3 were root hubs. this will be good to know in the future if i want to add a external hard drive, or a usb hub.

    ok good luck.

  • thanx for the compliment on my post :)

    i was just trying to help.. i know how frustrating it was to me, so if i can help others in the future i will do my best..

    sometimes my posts do tend to be long winded. and i guess some are turned away by this ;(

    i feel the need to explain myself clearly. and explain any intricate details.

    today, on the net, the majority of people keep thier posts very short. i can understand the benefit of doing this,however, i am often of the opinion that i would prefer people to take more time with thier posts and express themselves more thoroughly.

    however, i do know that some people are turned away by long winded posts!!!

    'tis a a balancing act to be sure. ^^