foot pedal controllers?

  • The keyboard versions of the virus do have such an input. Since there is no unified standard in the expression pedal world, you should be very cautious. I've heard that the Yamaha FC7 works well, and that many Roland pedals give strange results. It would be nice if the Virus had a way to calibrate the pedal response so that it could be adjusted to work with as many makes and models as possible.

  • hmm yes id like more info before i buy something. Like i was saying- id like to use it to possibly control the likes of filter cutoff, or anything i assign it to. So not just a volume pedal. Ive seem maudio have a usb pedal but again not sure how that would work considering the virus and its usb conflicts

  • I get on well with my M-Audio EX-P as you can actually calibrate it depending on what you are putting it into (it has a pot on the side). It also has a switch on the back, which seems to do nothing - or fixes something that doesn't matter on my gear...

  • If I remember correctly, you can set the expression pedal to any CC. I have mine set to control Filter 1 Cutoff level as my default. What I think you are looking for is this:

    Set it up as modulation and then set modulation as your source in your matrix. This will allow you to bypass the modulation knob and use your foot pedal instead. This also works great because so many of the patches have a nice setting on the modulation knob.

  • I've just got my Yamaha FC7 today and have gotten it working with my Virus TI, it was quite simple really. All I had to do was plug it into the right port at the back. Then I pressed the CONFIG button on my Virus until Keyboard 1/5 showed on the display, I then had to press the PARAMETERS keys to the right to Keyboard 4/5. Then you can use either the VALUE 1 knob or VALUE buttons below the PARAMETER buttons to choose what you wish your pedel to control. I personally chose #9, which in the mod matrix is controller 9. I was going to make it control the mod Wheel but this way I can still have the Mod Wheel assigned to other controls, giving me more live control which was, of course, the purpose of buying a controller pedel in the first place!