How to make this dirty bass drop

  • How can i make this dirty bass drop on the virus? I've been trying for hours, playing with lfo's, pitch, filter envelope...but no luck!

    It's the first bass sound that hits when the drop comes in.

    at 1:08 - 1:09

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  • There are 3 things happening here at the same time:

    • Pitch comes down an octave
    • Filter cutoff frequency drops down (the filter has some resonance)
    • Distortion at the end

    The pitch can be modulated by a sawtooth LFO in ENV mode, with the contour set to start flat and slowly steepen the downward slope.
    The drop of the filter seems slower, and not so accented - from the low-mid area to the low. Another LFO in ENV mode can be used for this, or the filter envelope.
    The distortion sounds like the wave shaper or one of the folds. Use the mix, drive, treble boost, and hi cut controls to let enough high end without killing the bass. I would even suggest to use the modulator of the pith or the filter to control the distortion mix as well so that there is less distortion as time progresses, thus revealing more bass.
    A stereo widener and/or air chorus will add the sensation that you are engulfed by the sound.
    Hope this helps.

  • Your method definitely helped, but i wasn't really able to get that dirty sound + crunchy at the same time. I guess it takes more practice...may need a step by step method from someone.

  • Here's a suggestion to Access - you can enhance the "Input" module under the FX1 tab by enabling the possibility to route audio from one part to another, as if it was external input, this way allowing it to be processed once more by the effects of another part. I guess it may introduce an extra delay of a few microseconds, but for many purposes it wouldn't matter that much. In a scenario of a multi, you can enable the soft knobs to control effects from both parts and acheive a different variety of sounds because the patches are "serial" rather than "parallel".

  • i finally got it!! here's how i did it.

    - osc 1 keep untouched
    - oc 2 bring down 12 semitones
    - add a quarter of vol on sub osc
    - matrix lfo to filter 2 cutoff all the way
    - lfo2 clock rate at 3/32 sine wave, trigger phase 1
    - lfo1 put rate at desired, i have it at 48, turn on envelope mode, bring contour all the way up, use triangle wave, and sync osc1 + 2 and bring pitch almost all the way down.

    now you should have a similar effect where its dropping and also modulating the cut off to add a wobble sound