How to record the Virus tracks as audio file in cubase6 via USB Connection?

  • Hi

    i am beginner to virus, so dont beat me to hard for this question :)

    I connected Access Virus TI Polar to Windows PC just via the USB Connection and recorded some MIDI tracks in cubase 6.

    So fine so good - but HOW can i now "render" or "freeze" the audio output of the virus simply as audio tracks in cubase to edit them with the internal cubase mixer? "Export Audio" in Cubase does not work like i know it from vst plugins with the virus ... damn.

    Do i have to connect for example the main line output of the virus to another soundcard (like RME pcicard) to be able to record the output as audio?

    I thought "full integration" means - the virus is an "audio card" and the audio can be transmitted to the pc and recorded there?

    I am confused a lil bit..

    thank you for not hitting me to hard! :) :thumbup: