strange behaviour, random pitch drops...

  • ok this is a funny little issue.

    what happens is this.

    i will have a patch installed in ableton live 8.3 and will have my groove on.

    it is hard to describe what happens next.

    at random, the patch will have a little click and then descend in pitch rapidly. it almost seems like it slows down as the pitch drops. a bit like a turntable getting slowed down and the subsequent pitch drop.

    at first i thought it was a part of the patch. but then i noticed it starting on more and more patches.

    i am completely miffed by this.

    will an OS update fix this. or even re-installing the OS i am using. which is the latest non beta by the way.

    my virus is a TI desktop.

    any thoughts on this issue.??

    anyone else experienced this??