• I have loaded the Init patch and set the OSC1 to Hypersaw. Then I have changed OSC1 density to 9 (max value). Now, when I play the same note, each time different sound occurs. Why is it like that? If the density is set to 1.0 then sound for specific note is the same.

    When UNISON is set to more than 1 (other than OFF) - same thing happens even if density is 1.

  • Not in front of my Virus so it's just a guess, but is it just that the phase of the oscillator is more pronounced due to the thickening effect of the hypersaw? Try turning the osc phase knob all the way up so that the oscillator retriggers every time a note is played. Hope this helps...

  • When you dial up the density, you add more sawtooth waves, which are detuned one from the other, but with very small frequency intervals. Detuning causes harmonics to alternately add and cancel each other, and the smaller the difference in frequency is, the longer it takes for the alternation to happen, therefore each time you start a note, or when you hold one for a long time, you can notice that the sound changes as a result of the changes in the harmonic content. But if you increase the spread of the waves (which means increasing the frequency intervals) the changes in the frequency content will be quick and unnoticeable - the only thing you will perceive is the well known fuzzy buzzing property of the hypersaw.

  • The Hypersaw waves are not detuned by default, so if you just add more waves, you get a phase cancellation effect. The phase of each wave is random, so every note will sound slightly different.

    SOS - Osc Phase Init has no effect on Hypersaw.

  • Hypersaw oscillators are detuned by the Spread parameter. Make sure to enable the intern Sync (uses an internal oscillator) and use the Sync Frequency to set that frequency.

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