Arpeggiator improvements

  • Hi,
    I am this week, the excited new owner of a Ti2 Polar (yay!) and would very much like to suggest enhancements to the arpeggiator...
    1. User pattern storage
    I dont mind (too much) using VC to create a user pattern, but i should be able to store some number in the synth... 16 or 32 would be adequate.
    2. Fill-in
    A pattern completes its cycle correctly only with a specific number of notes. We dont know how many notes that is required to cycle the each of 64 patterns for each motif variation. Other manufacturers cover this with a "fill-in" parameter...When enabled, If you play an inadequate number of notes for (say a 2 measure) pattern, it intelligently reuses some of those notes played to make up the pattern length. Alternately, If you play an excess of notes (say 5 notes) for a up/down variation of a pattern that only requires 4 notes for a complete cycle to start afresh on the lowest note, the synth again intelligently alternates use of the notes to maintain a cohesive may skip note #5 in cycle 1 and note #4 in cycle #2 Such an improvement would always maintain the rhythmic integrity of the arp pattern and make live performance and jamming way more enjoyable (and less risky)....
    The above two are the most important, however there are other programmable parameters that can also greatly add to the flexibility and usefulness of the arpeggiator without adding complexity to the menu structure, namely quantize (time key presses with pattern) and key reset (either reset pattern with new key presses or not).
    constructively, regards,