OS5 Beta issues on Win 7

  • Hi I just booted up OSX now and tested it with LOGIC and there is no issues at all with any of the crackling sounds. I will attempt the instructions now and see if that fixes it in the installation folder.

    EDIT I have done the uninstall as instructed in the folder and it is still the same and my driver version shows as 2.8.45 in device manager. Here is an example of the sound I get from my virus its a standard saw lead and a simple midi loaded https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6091004/Virus%20TI%20sound.mp3

  • that sound pretty good, just add a little sub and maybe a comb filter...boom

    It sounds like i have about 10 bitcrushers added to it.

    But i just upgraded to os 5 again and the sound was normal just small crackles here and there then downgraded just as the instructions said all drivers appear to be correct in device manager but the sound is horrid again. So it is something left over on my pc from os 5.0 that is causing the issue and I have no way to rollback my system restore to before :(

  • I successfully rolled back the update and it is running fine now. 8o You need to roll back and load up virus asio and change buffer from 128 to 256 and then go back to your normal soundcard asio and it will sound good.