Fixed: os5 Amp & Filter probs

  • Another bug to the list.
    After the update, I have found my TI keyboard (in non USB mode), the amp/filter knob controllers not affecting the envelope/patch.
    I tried over 15 different patches and no change. The value parameters show change, but no tone change.
    You could have decay, sustain and release on 127 and would remain a short tone.
    I will try VC mode tomorrow, but see if this is happening to yours.
    Try a short stab patch to easily diagnose

    I also had problem with any parameter changes on all other knobs. The value wouldn't note any change, until you turned it to it's shown value, then you could make a value change. This has also carried over to os5.

  • Just updating the situ
    Both stand alone and VC env's & filters are behaving ok.
    Could've been an initial glitch after the update