Undo button in virus control

  • it happens to me a lot, I think I'm working on the sound that I'm playing with my sequencer, but the little box in virus control is actually on a seperate sound slot and I end up either changing the sound or modifying a parameter before I realise that I'm messing up a sound that I'm not playing! I often go to browse and load up a sound into the wrong slot by mistake and then can't remeber the sound that was originally there to fix the problem, so i need to relaod the project which takes minutes.
    can we have an undo button that steps back through the last 5 things you did in VC please?
    I can't believe this hasn't been asked for before, but I did search

  • IIRC, you can revert to last patch if you load a patch by mistake - I think it's done from the right click menu of the part on the left. But generally I agree, It would be nice if VC could take a snapshot of itself on every mouse click (a snapshot of how it was just before, no need to take snapshots during mouse drags), keep a few of these snapshots in memory and allow us to travel back in time with ctrl+Z.