Need HELP PLEASE !! :)

  • Wow... what can I say..
    You didn't get any sound? When you open the sound manager in your control panel, under playback you will find your audio devices listed, can check te properties and configure them. The Virus should be listed there, preferably (for the moment) as the only one and be set as default. Opening a simple MP3 should play through the Virus now.

    If not, make sure Focusrite and keyboard are disconnected, uninstall your Virus software.
    press windows key and R (the run prompt will open)
    Paste "set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1" without the quotes and hit enter.
    Now go to your device manager (in control panel) open it, in the top menu look for "view" open and select "show hidden devices".
    Now you can see all drivers in your system, connected or not.

    This will enable you to do two things. Look for duplicate drivers from the Virus and you can uninstall them on the spot. Second, check your system for other drivers that are obsolete or are not supposed to be present.
    If you find other duplicate drivers ( hardware connected through USB!) you can decide to uninstall them as well. When there's need you can always re-install.

    When you think all is well. No other audio devices are present. Re-install the Virus software and set to default audio device. Use Sound manager again to check and configure. All SHOULD be well..

    BTW: Do not turn on your Virus (connected to USB) until you are asked to do so, during installation. Most USB hardware installation work that way and sometimes fail because people first connect the gear and then install the software. It seems so easy that one doesn't read the manual before installing drivers. Nevertheless it is better to do so. It is all programmed in sequence, you change the sequence chances are it will not work properly. General observation only, not specifically directed to you (except for the first sentence of course). ;)

    Keep my fingers crossed.
    Take care

  • "
    Massive latency issues.. heaps distorded, as it is i dont use the recommended buffer rate (i think it was 256).. I have a Focusrite 2i2 soundcard and im running a decent computer (baught it a year ago). "

    hi, just for sure ask it, have u tried to use it with a shorter-different (not the factory one) usb cable, that was my problem with the same side effects ...

  • dchord, thanks for reminding... always forget that one.. may be just don't like simple solutions.. hahaha
    Although I don't believe in shorter, although generally shorter is better (cables that is ;) ), changing the cable is certainly not a bad idea. You could have hit a bad one.

    What attracted my attention is that you both have the same audio device...

  • I'm too lazy this mornig to try out the cable with different device, but from wiki : "The USB 3.0 standard does not directly specify a maximum cable length, requiring only that all cables meet an electrical specification: for copper cabling with AWG 26 wires the maximum practical length is 3 meters (9.8 ft)." -

    you can image that I was happy as hell when I found that the newly bought Virus works well with different cable, :D , good luck m8

  • Still no luck boys, tried everything you suggested. Driving me nuts. Only thing that i have not tried to do is a new USB cable (but like i said other VST plugins do the same thing, choppy, distortion crazy sounds at the buffer rate) - so its not just the snow, and obviously software vsts dont need usb cables.. so i still believe its a problem within the computer .. but god dam that ill have to go buy another one from ebay or something.

    It is possible my computer needs an upgrade? more RAM or something??

  • Those spikes in your DPC Latency Checker results are scary. You can smooth things out a bit by disabling the C-states, EIST, and Turbo Boost in the BIOS CPU settings, but I'd be surprised if that totally fixed it (consistency is more important than raw power on a DAW PC, and all those features I mentioned result in erratic performance, for different reasons).

    I have a Gigabyte board and didn't see an improvement in DAW performance when I took out my PCIe SoundBlaster and enabled the Azalea audio when I needed the PCIe slot for something else.

    There's a driver on your system that's behaving badly. It might not have anything to do with audio. I seem to remember there's another tool you can use to track down bad drivers... DPC Latency Checker just tells you there's a problem- it just doesn't tell you what the problem is.

  • Hey guys thanks for the response..

    Yeah thats what i thought the PC isnt to bad i mean its only a year old.

    I'm in touch with the Focusrite there getting me to do a few things.. just the response times are really bad ive had the Snow sitting here for about 7 days now.. but anyway I wont give up just yet.. I wanna avoid buying a new rig... bloody so much this music producing ay lol :)

  • I definitely agree with Flabberbob, I too would not waste time on the Focusrite at the moment. When the Virus works ok you can always try to get them both operational. Your Virus is too valuable to let it sit around. Better to concentrate on one thing at a time, main objective being "get Virus to work properly".

    Troubleshooting is not so easy, as there are so many things that could be spoiling your fun. Although Windows has become more versatile and one would expect maturity in the "plug and play department" over the years, occasionally ancient problems like IRQ-conflicts and such still arise. Due to the "full-automatic" nature of recent Windows versions, fewer people are aware of these issues and know how to resolve them. Even for those who do know it has become more and more difficult to control those aspects. Hidden control panels, secret key combinations, undocumented command line instructions will certainly not motivate to counter one's troubles. This might be great for technicians, as they can bill accordingly. For us average Joe's it's just a big pain in the butt.

    As every Windows PC is the sum of it's parts, basically there is no PC equal to another. Although that is exactly how we want it (if not we would have bought an Apple), this level of individualization also can complicate apparently simple things like installing new gear. If only because you are individualizing your computer yet a little more. This makes life for hardware manufacturers, driver developers and help-desk operators quite a challenge. As most of the communication occurs through e-mail and fora, without having the actual hardware at hand. One can imagine the shear desperation on both sides when things just don't seem to be working out.

    So.., how is all this going to solve your problem. It is not! Nevertheless it can help you to get a feeling for the issue at hand. The basis is to get the individualization level of your computer as low as possible. Which means, remove all that is not absolutely necessary (as we advised earlier. I can not emphasize this enough!). At that point check whether your system is running flawlessly. Maybe check with a friend who has experience in these things to help out with the troubleshooting process. It is not so difficult really when you know how the system works. It's just nearly impossible to cover all bases from a distance, because the shear number of bases can be mind boggling, as you can see in the different responses you've received here (most, if not all, where to the point and valid).

    Someone with experience does not need to cover all bases. Through simple deduction and knowing where to look and what to look for, could relatively quickly pinpoint and resolve your problem. My advice therefor, ask someone with experience to help you out. I'm pretty sure the problem is not that hard to find. My guess is, the solution has already been provided.

    Maybe you should organize a LAN-party.. chances are the right people will show up. I know, I could just have written "hey..., go ask a buddy", but that would have been way too simple.. ;)