iPad Editor?

  • Hi there,
    It would be more than nice if the TI had a dedicated iPad editor like the Jupiter-80 (basically a copy of the plugin, data only)
    You can't accesss (haha) all parameters from the TI panel right now (analog filters, arp patterns etc.)
    and the total integration just doesn't work for some people. I have the TI analog audio-only connected to my DAW,
    and I would LOVE to edit it like in the plugin, but without the USB connection to my computer.
    I would even pay up to 20 Eur for that. I know there are midi editors and TouchOsc and all that stuff,
    but none of them really work for all parameters.
    Any chance this might happen anytime?
    Cheers! :)

  • Very good and welcomed idea! Editor and librarian too.

    I think that quite many of us allready have iPads (myself included) and trend is increasing.

    I would happily put some money to have it, if necessary..

    P.S. It's easy to think some other possibilities to develope new iTI even further. This iEditor might have kind of setlist functions: pressing some song on the list you would have special multipreset (stored in the iPad, not in the Virus internal memory). Or it might even have stepsequencer which is missing in Virus itself. In one word, iPad integration would add great new features to this great synth and bring it to 2010s...!

  • I find the multi-modes interface limiting for live work. I think it would be great to have an iPad solution that gave you control over blends, stacks, multiple arpeggiators, effects per part, mixing etc. So, I could start up different rhythms using the Arps and appropriate sounds and then toggle back to the main lead part and play along. Possibly using the chording feature of one of the ARps to achieve a rhythm section. The iPad could then maintain a set of these in a stack that can be punched through like selecting clips.

    i have half the code for this written for an iPad app, but am trying to find the time to complete! I have placed apps on the app store like this. if let's say there are 3000 virus owners who may show interest in this, I could get half of them with a free app, 1/4 of them with a 0.99$ app. At $19.99 I could get maybe 100 buyers optimistically and 10 confidently). Considering that Apple takes 40% this leaves little left over for the effort put into the product development.

    If Access were to sponsor this though, all these numbers would double and it would be so much easier to gain access to the arp settings with their help. It would also give them the ability to emphasize (market) an underutilized section of their instruments. I'd prefer something in the 4.99 range. It is my comfort point for iOS software.


  • It's weird that the company couldn't develop a stand alone support for the sound editor, be able to chose between Midi or Audio + Midi. I believe that the company that created the hardware is that only one that could ever support users with new/updated features, usability and accessibility and the use of the DSP power to its maximum.

    It will be extremely helpful to program new sounds using iPad/MAC, something which include a simple matrix step sequencer (Reason like), bank and sounds management system (export to midi files), use for backups and visual mixer for all 16 slots with (play stop and additional virtual micro knobs support) . I mean you have a usb connection why not to use it for best of both world? I believe this was the main goal when you have develop the virus technology in the first place...

    I wish for:
    - Deedicated Amplifier envelop support per oscillator
    - Custom user OSC wave support