Simple question: should I be using a direct box with the analog outs of my Virus TI?

  • i assume no since the outputs are +4 and can probably go right into a line in or even a converter. Incidentally, is there a general rule for when and when not to use DI's on the outputs of synths? thanks for any help!

    Tony :)

  • Thanks for this guys! I figured as much - some of the patches seem low in volume but things can get loud quickly with lots of oscillators or feedback or whatever. I'm sure it's just access allowing for a lot of headroom . Peace!


  • basically a DI deals with impedances and converts an asymmetrical to a symmetrical (noise-canceling) signal. most DI boxes also offer the option to lift the ground.

    with modern op amps in the mixing consoles and preamps, you never really need a DI box, though it might be beneficial to use one for different reasons. in the case of the virus, you only need one if you are encountering ground noise problems, which you cannot eliminate otherwise.