Connecting both usb and midi in/out and all audio outputs

  • I have a new Virus TI2 Desktop and I'm searching for the best possible connection setup and integration in my studio: I have multiple hardware synths (Juno-106, Yamaha TX81z, Roland XV-5080, Motif ecc.) patched in a M-Audio Midisport 8x8 for midi and to my Metric Halo ULN-2 and 2882 for audio.
    I plan to use my Virus in different ways (TI, standalone, digital to my audio interface and analogue to ext preamps), is it possible to patch every possible cable simultaneously?
    I mean going midi trough usb but also to my Midisport through midi physical in/out at the same time? Can this redundancy generate errors or incorrect sync?
    Or is it best connecting only usb midi using TI and disconnect usbmidi and connect physical midi when working without computer?
    And for audio is there some degradation using all outputs at the same time (usb, analog, s/pdif)?
    Thank you for your help


  • It is possible to connect everything, there are a few things you have to take into consideration.

    • There are differences in the way the MIDI and audio input ports function between integrated mode (when USB is connected) and stand alone (USB not connected): in integrated mode the Virus behaves as if it was a soundcard of the computer. The MIDI and input ports belong to the computer, and are visible from the DAW. The good news is that the DAW can take the input from your MIDI controller and the input from the Virus MIDI port and merge them into whatever track is armed, so there are no MIDI sync issues.
    • In order to get the USB audio into your DAW you must use the VC plugin. In order to make up for the limitations of audio over USB, VC emplys a buffer which induces delay upon the returning audio. Although most DAW-s compensate for that by sending MIDI early, it will result in the audio outputs playing too early. If you want to use them, you might have to manually delay them in order for them to sync up the the USB audio. While when playing live into the DAW (recording MIDI or audio) you might want to disable all possible buffers.

    Regarding any fan-out degradation, I didn't experience any, and just like every modern electronic equipment I believe that each output has a separate DA circuitry, but I guess Access people would know the exact answer, especially regarding out1/phones which share the same audio.
    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you flabberbob for your explanation,
    I now have my keyboard controller (Yamaha Motif) midi in/out connected to M-audio Midisport 8x8 (connected via usb to mac pro) port 1 and my Virus Ti2 desktop midi in/out connected to Midisport 8x8 port 2.
    Virus is also connected via usb to my mac pro.
    Other synths are connected to port 3-8 on Midisport (I want the possibility to control everything from my Master keyboard).
    So if I understand correctly in this setup my Virus sends and receives midi via Midisport and via usb at the same time (duplicate signal) but merge them without errors.