How to use The Virus with Logic 9

  • Hi!
    I have just bought a Virus Ti2 Polar and i use with Logic 9.
    How do you do when you want to use the Virus for more than one track?
    One way i found out was. New tracks-Softwareinstruments-Multitimbral

    Au instruments-access-Virus-multi output
    But if i do it that way i found out that i can't put EQ on all tracks just one

    Is there a better way to do it? I'm all new to this so please be patient with me

  • you cannot sidechain the individual parts of the multitimbral instrument. think of it like 16 different midi channels sending notes and cc changes to the virus. the virus generates sound out of that and sends the audio back to logic as a single stereo feed.

  • New tracks-Softwareinstruments-Multitimbral is correct. Just select how many instances you want.

    Your best option is to use the EQ function within the VC to EQ your sound or bounce your selected sound realtime to either wave or aiff file format and EQ them.

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