Putting ext stereo line signal through virus filters

  • Can I feed a stereo signal (drum loop) through the filters and play with them like a Filter Factory or MFC42? Is ext audio summed to mono for the filter and how does parallel/serial routing of the filters affect this?

    Away from the Virus for a week and eyeing some filter gear...


  • Yes it is possible to route audio through the Virus ifilters (and efx) and you will also have a an envelope follower (adjustable attack and release, this will replace the filter envelope) for modulation and there is also the vocoder to think about :D
    I haven't set this up myself but it is possible, search the forum for a tutorial/how to or have a look at some of the patches that are setup to process an external signal. Remember to set the out/in config to 3 out, 1 in if you are using the Virus as an interface otherwise you will have to use either the analogue (prob best)

    in or digital in.

  • Thanks for this. I have confirmation from a friend that the input through the filters and out the main output stays in stereo. Can't wait to get back to my TI.