Which sounds are you missing for the Virus?

  • Do you have an audio example of the sound produced by the M1? Knowing that it is pcm oscillators, sampled wave...

    This YouTube vid specifically focuses on it:

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  • Well, it's no surprise that I'm already a big fan of (UXS) Sebastien's work, but Analog Sounds Vol 2 is reallly, really, great! As advertised, there's a lot of warmer, fatter, more vintage sounding patches, plus a good selection of arps, FX, basses and digital pads to add some extra surprises! I'm talking really close impersonations of OB-X, Oscar, Moog, Matrix 1000, Jupiter-8 and even Roland SH-5 sounds, a real show of force!

    Cant wait to get home from work tomorrow, to run through them again!!!


    Today, 6 years later, I found out this information.

    Analog Sounds Vol 2 still sounds great in 2024.

    Thank you! :love: