Virus TI sync issues and solution - community support needed :)

  • Hello all! Ive spent a huge amount of time going through my setup with tech support trying to get both a snow and a polar working properly on several macs. Ive bought cables and hubs on Access's recommendation. eventually tech support admitted the problems ive been having are just a limitation of the virus ti. Apparently we are expected to accept that we need to start our tracks a bar early and that 1 in 30 starts of the playhead the virus might be out of sync and then catch up with itself. I dont feel this is acceptable.

    I have come up with a solution that should make sounds using lfo and arps much more stable for many users but Access have said they are not interested in trying my idea. If you have issues similar to the ones i have described above, please support my feature request at the link below:


  • alex -
    with all due, respect, at least quote correctly. this is what you received from me as the final answer to the email support case you've opened back in february spanning over more than 30 emails now:
    "thanks again for your suggestions. we would have no problem to take your idea on board but it would not solve the underlaying problem. [ ...] feel free to discuss your idea elsewhere but please note that we have already stated that it will not solve the underlaying problem and will not implement it. please understand that we cannot invest more time in discussing this idea with you."
    to explain myself because this quote is a little out of context: the underlaying problem is the issues you have.
    your idea does not start working because you post it on a forum a present it in a way that makes other believe that you know what you're talking about. we, in contrast, have created both the hardware and software and we know what's worth trying out and what's not. we are certainly not perfect but if it would be that easy, we would have considered the option by now, don't you think?


  • Marc i dont see where i have quoted incorrectly? the direct quote from Jorg's email is as follows:

    "the Virus TI is a hardware synth integrated into a software environment and we actually recommend to start the playback even a bar ahead of the first note triggering the TI. I know this is mostly not practical during actual song-writing, but moving a playhead around quickly and especially not to specific bars can cause the USB not to be able to catch up quick enough."

    I dont believe this is acceptable. he even states its not practical during actual song writing!

    This is not an issue i have with my setup, it is a global issue. I have tried it across two separate viruses and four separate machines. i have also purchased extra equipment on Access's recommendation to try and fix the problem. you dont have to search far on these forums to see loads of people have got sick of VC and now use midi/audio.

    for anyone interested please read this feature request for a full description of my solution. it is simple, and almost certainly WILL make the virus alot more stable when using LFO and Arps:

  • I have a better idea that could potentially solve a lot of problems. The TI plugin is sample-accurate. Does it really need to be?

    If the note and controller information was simply MIDI data, that's not much and should be no problem to keep up with. Meanwhile, the audio streams would function in the same manner as any cheap USB audio interface. They do not have pitch, sync and reliability problems at all.

    So, is it possible to lose the sample accuracy?

  • Recently, I was successfully synchronizing my Macbook + Access Virus Ti (Virus Control + Ableton Live) with a PC (Windows 7) working with Cubase! His Midi out was connected to Virus Midi in (Delay time +40 ms)! Ableton Live in Slave Mode (Ext)!!! But it was only working so tide because of one feature in Cubase, which prevents the sending of the bar position (or so)! This article possibly goes deeper in this topic (I'm not working with Cubase)…/articles/cubasenotes.htm

    However, I think it is a similar problem with the Virus Control in Ableton, because if you work in Loop Mode it jumps from Bar 9 to Bar 1 and then, the Virus goes out of sync ;)

    Hopefully you got this information. Maybe, someone can explain it more clearly.

  • one month and no reply marc?

    i would really like to hear what access are planning to do to help with these issues. i dont know many virus users who dont have them. the way the midi timecode is sent over usb needs an overhaul. but in the meantime please either explain why my idea will not work.. or implement it.