New TI|2 owner dropping by.

  • hi chaps. my name is Russell. im a fulltime composer and very new to the world of all things Virus. i just picked up a new TI|2 to add to the arsenal and can i just say, a big than you for all the tips and hints about how to make this work.
    i had in advance, checked through all the settings, bought a PCIE USB card and by the time the TI2 came, it all just run perfectly. no hitches, juts perfect. and thats down to your advice and solutions i have read here.

    i have made this my main controller keys and im still getting my head around the amazing things this synth can do. nice to be part of the gang.

  • this section of the board feels somewhat redundant lol. im sure your all a lovely bunch and just too busy getting those USB related posts dealt with. but hello anyway :whistling: :whistling:

  • Hi Spooj!.. welcome to the forum... i hope you have lots of fun with your new Virus.

    You are correct, this part of the forum seldom gets looked at, as most people only come on for problem solving issues.. not a sociable bunch virus owners :D

    hahaha!! fair play mate. thanks for the warm welcome :thumbup: :thumbup: