Trigger options for Envelopes

  • Now that we have more envelopes to play with, may i suggest some trigger options for (at least) the two new assignable envelopes... off the bat i can think that in addition to note on, at a minimum to set an adjustable clock (1, 1/2, 1/4 etc) retriggerable envelope start. Other options could be a clock based delayed one shot trigger.

    regards, M

  • Starting from the end, a DADSR (first D for delay) would make a world of a difference, but I guess it is safer to re-use a working piece of code than to change it and deal with all the bugs this may bring.
    Since as opposed to the ENV LFO-s, an envelope needs both a note on and a note off, an envelope trigger modulation destination can be designed that uses modulation values 0-127 with hysteresis to create a note-on effect when the modulation value goes above 64+n and a note-off effect when the modulation value goes below 64-n, n being a positive number, I think values 10 < n < 40 should give good results. This way you can use various LFO shapes to trigger interesting patterns.