Virus TI glitches and crackles when automated

  • Hey everybody,

    I´m using the Virus Ti on a brand new iMac and Ableton 9.
    Mac Osx 10.8.4
    My Soundcard is a RME UCX
    I use the Plug in and the USB mode.
    latency in Ableton is set to 64 samples

    When i automate the filter and resonance on a pad after some time ( when i modulate more) i hear crackles ( glitches) when the automation works.
    It´s not a Filter problem or wrong automation it´s the TI. it´s like a information overload....
    I use the TI in multimode, but the problem is also when i use it in solo mode

    Can someone help me to fix it?

  • that buffer setting is VERY low. i mean i know of very few people who can run that stable with extremely powerful systems. double your buffer and try again, if you need to step it up once more, 256 isnt he end of the world in real world times.
    give it a shot and let me know. 64 sample buffer is not easy to maintain.

  • 64 is possible with a decent system. but you're right, it depends on various things, including the sound card, how well it performs. automation is essentially MIDI data send over USB. the bandwidth for audio is reserved, the bandwidth for MIDI is capped. this might be some sort of bottleneck situation where the (PC) hardware does not perform well enough to deliver the throughput what was promised. is the RME UCX connected via USB or firewire? are there any other USB devices connected?
    best, marc

  • Hey Spool and Marc,
    thx for ur tips.
    U are right it depends on a whole bunch on various things to run with 64 samples. I have a new Imac with the fastest I7 and a fusion drive and it works...
    The RME is connected via Firewire and as u told me i increased the Samplerate up to 128 and then to 512. Nothing :wacko:

    Next thing i did was to change the usb port (i put it on a belkin usb hub, without anything else connected) and changed the usb output settings.
    Configuration was 3outs/1in and usb1 for surround...No plan why i had the surround channel on.
    I switched to 3out/no in and surround off.
    The result was that the clipping and glitching on automated parts decreased to 95%

    After changing the usb port again i had the same clicks and glitches.
    The funny thing about it... when it was on the usb3 port on the mac (which was a solo port for it) it clicks and on the hub (usb2) it´s reduced to 5%
    I will test it today again and again, and will post my results here ... maybe it will also help someones else