Analog Only VST Mode?

  • This has probably been requested before but I'm a newbie so sue me.
    Virus T12 Desktop. I'm using my virus analog outs exclusively in my DAW application, it would be nice I could configure the VST plugin to just control the parameters and not worry about the USB audio settings. Basically I just want my Virus to be an external synth I can control from my DAW. I already have a primary audio interface that everything is routed through. The only other routing that is interesting to me is USB -> Virus in -> analog out (Vocoder/FX), other than that I've already got everything covered. Of course, there are always exceptions, for Live, the USB config is awesome, don't change anything. :)
    Just a thought.

  • Connect the virus physical outs to your mixer or audio interface and then choose out 1&2 instead of USB out in the drop down box. That let's you use the VC and have no latency(well almost no latency) I haven't figured this thing out yet.

    What I also do(in cubase) is create an external instrument for the virus and this allows me to use the Virus control with physical outputs and add vst effects to it as well.

  • I tried:

    EDIT SINGLE Surround Output (was on USB1 L+R) I changed it to Out1 L+R that didn't work
    I even turned the output to off but it still played through my DAW (Ableton 8)

    I either misunderstood the question or I'm doing the solution wrong...

    I want to use VC to edit parameters and do live tweeking, but record audio instead of midi.