Virus "B" MIDI Dump TX & RX Problem

  • I bought a Virus "B" and want to save my current bank and patch information in Sonar X-3 Producer. I have taken the following steps:

    Set up a midi track
    Under Record, checked System Exclusive, and Echo System Exclusive, buffers = 64, selected my audio interface Fast Track C600.
    enabled record on the track
    Input to track = Fast Track C600 Audio Interface Midi Channel 1
    Clock to 60bpm

    On the Virus "B" I have the settings
    Enable Midi Dump TX = Total
    Midi Global Channel = 1
    Midi Panel = Int + Midi
    Midi Clock RX = Enable
    Device ID = 1
    Lopage = Cntrl
    Hipage = PolyPressure

    The Virus shows the progress of the dump but Sonar doesn't record or show anything in the event list. I also have MIDI-OX and it shows the information in the log, but pauses and stops. Not sure how to save it in a file from MIDI-OX or even if that will work.

    I also have the file for the original factory patches and cannot get the Virus to load those either.

    Sometimes I get a "SE" in the display and everything stops. Not sure what that means.

    Please advise.

  • There are a few thing I find odd:
    1. Could it be that sysEx echo sends the data back to the Virus which confuses it?
    2. Test without limiting yourself to a specific channel.
    3. You should record using fast tempo and play using slow tempo.
    4. Lopage=Cntrl, Hipage=PolyPressure => means no bank is sending sysEx. Try to enable CC-s and note pressure messages in the track filter.

    Hope this helps.