Old factory patches

  • I recently updated my operating system to the latest from version 3.x.x. Anyway, there were some patches that were factory installed that are no longer there. Does anyone know what I can do to get those old patches back? Some of them were in the ROM Y bank..... Now most of them are Init patches.



  • I was thinking about the factory reset.... It does not restore the sounds. I think your solution is a good one.

    One thing that concerns me, all of the operation systems for the ti series just say ti, not ti2. Therefore that leads me to believe they will work for both versions. I figured there would be operating systems for both the ti and the ti2.

    Thanks again.


  • I think the entire OS series covers all the Virus range, be it Ti or TI2 and simpy resetting to factory defaults should get your sounds back, but just back up your Virus soundbanks before attempting it. I have never needed to install more banks and previous updates have never wiped my existing data.

    Have you looked on page 5 of the downloads section here>>> http://www.virus.info/page/ren…for_the_virus_ti.html</a>

    There are some older TI patches there. Failing that, email Access and they will send you them.

    Hope that helps a bit.?

  • Thank you. This is want I have done so far. I download and had to install the older operating system on a separate system because my studio machine had the newest operating system on it and said my virus was up to date. So it wouldn't work on my studio system. Anyway, I was able to install the old operating system on my virus and get the old sounds back. So now I have to figure out how to get the new operating system on the virus but with the old sounds. I am thinking if I backup my sounds on my second machine, instal the new operating system with the studio machine and then try to restore the sounds with the second machine, that might work. This sounds pretty convoluted but at least I have the sounds back.



  • Marc,

    Thanks, I will give this a try. One question for you... Why does the newest operating system leave the last couple of ROM banks empty? Obviously we can't write to ROM so I was curious why they are empty. Does the newer operating system take up so much memory that there just isn't enough left for patches in those final banks?

    Take care.