Dead C#3 Key

  • So have two problems with my virus, probably related.

    Referring to Virus TI2 Polar, only about a month old. When transpose is in the middle, the C# key just under the transpose buttons, is dead and non responsive for all patches, yet when i transpose the problem moves with the transpose. So it shifts up and down the keyboard always the C3 key.
    Yet it works when drawing notes in my DAW.

    Also none of the keys seem to be in tune. Every key on the board plays the note a semitone above rather than the actual note. So when i play a D i get a D sharp etc.

    Can anyone please help :)

  • Maybe you have selected another tuning scheme inadvertantly? Look into the Config settings.

    So the actual, physical key is functional, but only the particular note is affected.
    Perhaps you should reinstall the OS if it is not a tuning issue.

    You did not mention which Virus OS you are using.

    Virus TI1 Keyboard OS, Windows 10 64 bit, REAPER, MOTU 828 MkII, MOTU 8Pre.