Virus sounds drop out

  • Hey Guys

    Wondering if anyone can help with a recent problem i've been having. I'm having sounds drop out from my Virus whilst playing through an arrangement. Its not like I ahve all 12 patches playing either, I'll have maybe 5 sounds playing and finding that certain notes will drop out of random patch channels.

    Never had this happen before (or at least notice it) and was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and what they did to fix it.


  • I am having a similar issue with only two patches loaded, well two double super saw and 4 extra voices w/rebverb and delay. I am a bit miffed cause i have ti1 and got a ti2 because it was supposed to have more polyphony/voices. (It does not seem to though)

  • Well the only thing I can tell you for sure is that it's based on the DSP of the TI. If you have a stack of things on at once and each eats up a pile of DSP, you will end up dropping notes. I definitely ran into this. Some easy fixes are listed in the quick start, such as making sure your amp decays are short enough, reducing super saw detune, getting rid of OSC 3 if you don't need it etc. I've found that a lot of the presets are unnecessarily heavy, with a pile of mod matrix maps set that don't really affect the sound, so you can rip those out. Another possibility is that the actual midi note isn't coming across in time, and never get's played. I can't imagine that happens often, but I could see it on a slow machine with USB 1 ports...