Modulating with Envelopes 3 and 4

  • Hi, I am trying to make a good pluck sound. I'm very close but the only thing I need is to modulate the pitch with a short decay to give a punch. I try to do this in the mod matrix with envelope 3 or 4 and it just doesn't work. It gives me a very short but loud frequency sweep down. If I do this with the filter envelope, I get the punch that I want. Any ideas of why this is happening?

  • Well he is right, env 3 and 4 acts differently than filter envelope first time. Seems to be they have different attack time.

    But if u turn the attack knob of env 3 or 4 and than turn back to zero magic happens. They all act the same way.

    Anyway it is kinda wierd.

  • Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately, I followed what you said but it still gives me the same problem. The 2 links below contain pictures of the matrix and the mod envelope. the decay for the mod envelope is set to +7 in the pic, but it gives me the same annoying click no matter which setting it's on. <---- matrix <---- mod envelope

  • Try to set Matrix on Cutoff 0 and Pitch 1 and 2 for 12 then make envelope 3 Dacay all way up (arodund 127)
    it is obvious . or try to make new patch and see if it work and then start making rest of the sound

  • Hey thanks for your advice. I tried everything and it still gives me the same annoying result. I even tried it with an init patch, and still the same problem. This is accentuated when i increase the release in the amp envelope or play chords. Should I call Access because this seems like it's not normal. I can't use it the way I need to.

  • Set the slope of the Envelope 3 to center and also set the release time of it to 127. Keep attack at 0 and sustain at 0 and tweak decay again to your likings. For me these 2 extra envelopes work identically to the Filter and Amp envelopes.