• Good Morning All,

    I must say that I am really enjoying the new OS release (!!!

    This has to be the most stable and best sounding release I have ever heard, WOW...

    The updated audio driver works a treat aggregated to my Apogee duet 8o

    Marc, please can you personally thank Jörg Hüttner for his help/support :thumbup:

    Once again proving why Access produce and support the best synth on Earth!


    Aron Brookes :thumbup:

  • Some people have been asking whats changed in TIOS 5.0.8... the change logs are included in addendum in your access documents folder everytime a new release is made. This is whats changed.

    About TIOS 5.0.8!

    Resolved issues, refinements and new features:! !
    • IN: (OSX only) Support for Mavericks 10.9!
    • VC: Under certain circumstances some DAW related key commands stop working!
    • IN: Apple Logic Pro X Setup added!
    • SE: Under certain circumstances a slight modulation of the higher frequencies was
    audible when using Total Integration.! !
    Known issues:! !
    • Side chaining into audio instruments is currently not supported in Steinberg Cubase. This
    issue needs to be addressed by Steinberg.!
    • AAX Avid Pro Tools 11 plug-in format not supported!

    Hope that helps.

  • first and foremost, thanks guys! nice to hear that it is working well for you :)

    on a side note: you can download the change log in the download section as well. there is a link button "Download Changelog" underneath the download button for the OS. i saw people on facebook complaining about that but really ...[fill in here whatever you like].
    cheers, marc

  • Are there any changes from 5.0.7 though ? As the change log looks very similar.
    Has the midi driver changed?

    I've been in contact with support re stuck notes/cc,
    But was you are having difficulties reproducing, but would pass the information to the developers.
    Is there any news?