Tip: Up to 6 mono individual USB Outs in cubase

  • Hi there,

    First, please excuse me if this tip already appeared elsewhere on the board, but as I've been looking for a convenient way to have more individual outputs on my Ti2 for a long time, I felt I should share what I've recently found.

    So here is my setup in Cubase to get 2 mono outputs out of each individual USB out:

    *** *** ***
    1) Activate all the 3 outputs on the instrument panel
    2) Create as many individual mono group channels as you need (at least between 4 and 6 ; named, say... Virus 1A, Virus 1B...)

    Now, for each USB output that you want to split into 2 individual outs, on the main track panel:
    2) Route the main out of the Virus' USB out to "No bus"
    3) Activate the "Send routing" panel (that lets you pan the signal left or right)

    4) Activate and send the signal to the 2 mono groups with the following settings :
    - Full send (fader 0db)
    - Prefader send
    - 1st send panned hard left
    - 2nd send panned hard right
    These are the settings that let you have 2 individual outputs (the 2 mono groups) out of 1 stereo output.

    5) Now, going back to VC, when selecting USB1L and USB1R for 1 channel, you're routing your sound to one of the created mono groups.
    *** *** ***

    That's the simplest way I've found, but I'll be happy to stand corrected if anyone knows a better one.



  • Brillant solution. Did it now in Cubase 7.5 :thumbup:

    -Windows 10 Pro 64bit DAW (Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero + i9-9900)

    -Steinberg Cubase 10 + Steinberg CC121 Controller
    -Steinberg MR816 CSX + Behringer ADA8200
    -iConnectivity MIO10
    -Virus TI2 P0lar
    -Waldorf Pulse (1)
    -Waldorf Blofeld

    -Yamaha AN1x
    -Yamaha Reface DX
    -Clavia Nord Modular G1 Expanded

    -Moog Minitaur
    -Maschine MK3

    -Elektron Octatrack MKII

    -Adam A7X