USB Problem

  • Hi, So I've bought a brand spanking new computer as Access is no longer doing updates for XP.

    So I spend hours trying to install the Virus on my computer and it keeps F**king up every time!

    I've realised that I was trying to install it on a USB 3 port, and apparently it doesn't work!

    So I rang up the people who made my computer AND... It only has USB 3 ports!

    So what can I do now? Is there anything I can buy? Also does the Virus only work on UBS1 or does it work on USB2? (I don't understand any of it)

    I hope I can buy a pci card or something that has USB1 ports or I cant use my Virus :cursing:

  • The Virus, while comes loaded with USB nightmares, works fine on USB 3 and isn't one of them. Works fine on USB 2 as well.

    If you contact Access Support, they'll tell you a few tricks to try to get the installation right. I don't remember the sequence.