Easier category/favourites assignment

  • imho this should be something that the bank manager in control should be able to do - I would love to be able to batch assign patches to a category or favourite slot. At the moment I don't use this feature as it's too fiddly doing it one-by-one in the hardware when I have so many patches. I do save my own "favourites" banks but that doesn't resolve the underlying issue.

  • Well obviously putting everything into a Multi takes care of this really, the multi can hold all your Favs. That being said, I really would like to see a favorites assignable from the keyboard, say hold down shift transpose down to recall a patch by pressing on a key, shift transpose up to assign the current patch to a key. I have a Polar, so this might make more sense for TI's with keyboards.

  • I don't see how putting anything in a multi is going to help. What is needed is for the browser in control to be usable for preset management including categorisation, not just loading.