Not a happy camper with my TI2

  • I'm using Cubase 7 LE with a Virus TI2 61 key. The first day I had it, went into Cubase, opened VIRUS TI made a 5 track patch. Without any problem I uploaded it to my TI.
    I did that 3 times, 3 different patches, then it never worked again. I still can't get it to work.
    here is a link to a live performance. That's just the TI2 all those patches acted that way, I uploaded 3 such patches, you'll hear them here. Then it stopped uploading them.
    And now all I get are the Plain Patches.…20964544-did-you-see-that


  • I'm sorry, I can't tell what you are talking about.. uploading a patch? (this might apply to sysex. I suppose)

    can you be a bit more clear? - I'm not sure why you are linking to the music either - how is this related?