Updating OS 5.0.8 Virus TI2

  • Hi Viruses,

    My name is Nuno, and i am looking for someone that is working with access virus TI2 (5.0.8 OS) with OSX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, i have my Virus with OS 5.0.3 and i dont know if its ok to update. and if its possible to downgrade if something is wrong. thanks for your time and help


  • I think its better to ask... why do you want to upgrade?

    I don't think 5.0.8 buys you anything other than support for OSX 10.9, so unless your upgrading to 10.9, then I wouldn't bother/take the risk.
    (the other reason is if your having another issue which you think it might solve, but i doubt it will!)

    downgrading, I had alot of trouble when I tried this... the uninstall just didn't work, and I ended up using another mac to get it back up and running again - ymmv