2 years on please help

  • Hey guys, so basically I bought the virus ti snow about 2 years ago and I was unable to get it to work. I was convinced it was my laptop, and I had posted here back then and tried a few times over and over without success. I know its hard to believe and you may ask me why I gave up. I really could not get it to work. I had all this amazing plugins and hardware and monitors and I was using ASIO4ALl through my laptop speakers LOL. Talk about waste of money. I also suffer from chronic pain which may have influenced me back then on giving up. Anyway I really want to get this working, I see no reason why it shouldn't. Back then I could not get my latency samples down to 512 without the sound being absolutely terrible (crackling etc). I finally bought a new laptop which cost me $3500 AU. I got a MSI GS70 6GB. I also have a scarlet 2i2. I just cant get it to work. 2 years back I had the issue with the latency, which I still do when I try to run instruments through ableton that come with it. I cant run it at 512 without it being distorted which makes me assume that I would have the same issue with the Virus ti snow once I get it work. This leads me onto the next point, every time I try run the virus ti snow after having installed everything, it says its not connected :(. It is connected and its still not working. To be honest the hard part is getting everything to work. I think making the music is the easy part!! (for me anyway). Anyway would greatly appreciate help.

    Thanks guys.

  • G'day mate,

    I am indeed still using the scarlet soundcard. I have not tried another DAW to be honest. I have used Ableton in the past and paid an arm and leg for it back 2 years ago. I have tried plugging in the USB only.

    The current firmware i am using is

    It recognises it when i have the virus control centre open. It says status "OK".

  • The Virus TI is just a flawed product from the start (USB1.1, it should have been FireWire). I'm on my 4th year of a non-functioning TI KBD. It kind-of worked the first two years. Occasional clicks and pops on complex patches. Now it's just a warbling, clicking and buzzing out of tune mess. I cannot and not and don't feel like downgrading my OS to when it was actually somewhat functional. Everything after OS4 hasn't worked. I've just accepted that I bought a gorgeous piece of blinking metal for 2300 EUR. I continue to lurk here joping for a new OS/driver that just fixes everything. I wasted so much money on different PCI USB cards, believing that it's my config that was the problem.

  • My TI 1 KB works quite well now so i'd say don't give up! I just wish i could get more of it from the 1 synth. 2 patches and it's maxed out.

    My friends like Ableton so we tried getting it to work on that but gave up. I use Cubase. I've seen a few youtube videos on Ableton and the TI and they seem to have it running good.

  • I had all kinds of problems the first days (reminds very much of the problems you all described above). I'm using win7 64bit. I dont have USB2. I couldnt find a local shop with a USB2-PCIE-board so I tried the USB3-board they had. Didnt work. BSOD directly after powering up the virus. What worked best was using a HUB to the USB3-card and only using the Virus+keyboard+mouse on the computers USB-hubs. Works pretty much flawless. The only time I run into problems is when there have been a power surge and I have to uninstall the software and reinstall it. Then the installation process does something the computer doesnt like. When it sets the virus to Update mode, I get a BSOD. Trying a few times takes me through the whole process and then it works like a charm again. (tried it with ableton 32bit and 64bit on this computer with the same result).