halp pls...how to do this saw/fm leads???halp plsssss

  • hir is a track i like so much and in 1 min the lead is starting

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    the basic how to du anormal saw/fm is not the problem but the way he is modulating is abit of a mistory for me.....if somm 1 cann halp with somm tip i will be thenkfull...
    tnx ben

  • At 1:00 I hear a saw based sound. It's filtered with lots of resonance (50% - 75%). You can try lowpass/bandpass/highpass to see which suits you best. Try the 24dB filter and also try some filter distortion for character.
    These are the modulations I have noticed:
    1) The filter cutoff frequency goes up and down (use soft knob or automation).
    2) The sound is sometimes constant and sometimes it is cut up to 1/16ths - control the patch volume with an LFO in saw or square waveform and play with the curve (soft knob or automation).
    3) Sometimes a detuned saw is added - you can make both oscillators saws, make the second detuned, and play with the balance between them so that sometimes you hear only the first and sometimes you hear both.

    I only hear an FM sound after around 2:50.

    Hope this helps.