Virus SPDIF input trouble

  • Need access virus help. I'm trying to input audio into my virus via SPDIF but I'm getting silence on the output of the virus like the audio doesn't seem to be making it through. I've tried using analog connections and still can't seem to get the input working on the virus. I have the input set to static and the left and right selected for input but still getting nothing. Not using the virus as an interface. I have it set through my RME multiface. Anybody know what the problem could be?

  • So, the problem is not SPDIF but how to use the inputs in general.

    Did you start with one of the ROM presets that is named „Input“?

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  • hello i connect to spdif in virus ti2 >>>roland integra 7 digital output coaxial cable or another instrument exemp. korg pa3x.I not sound this instrument on output l/r virus ti2 why?If I menu input I choose spdif in?