Virus TI2 Desktop installation problem on OSX Yosemite 10.10.3

  • try booting the Virus into USB firmware mode before starting installer.
    to do this:
    - unplug virus power
    - hold EXIT
    - whilst holding exit, plug in power

    then run the installer.

    I always do this, when I upgrading, as I find it more reliable than the installer putting the Virus into firmware update mode.
    though, I will admit, usually its not a matter of the installer finding it, it generally throws an error.

    I assume its working generally, i.e. its not a USB setup, its just the installation...
    (if you have not had it working at all, then usual things... try different USB ports, try using a USB hub, or direct etc)

    if your updating an install, I tend to also uninstall previous version before I upgrade.

    and of course, if in doubt email Access support... they will walk through problems with you.