Standalone Virus Control

  • As sometimes I like to spend time creating new sounds and patches, but can't be bothered to make music, it would be nice to be able to use VC without launching the sequencer...Actually come to think of it, it seems so obvious, I wonder if their isn't a way to do this already....

  • Hi,

    it would be nice to be able to control Virus, with standalone or VST plugin but without usb audio.

    In every studio session I worked with Virus, we deal too much with usb audio :
    - because Virus usb audio isn't the main audio interface
    - because Virus usb audio requires to be connected directly to the computer usb port (no hub = need to disconnect all other equipment !)

    Best regards.


  • Hello everyone, I´m don´t use to come here to fix my problems because I star making music with software just 3 months ago, but I was making It with hardware for several years.

    I´m having problems to use the Virus TI in a windows 7 64bits and Vista 64 system, and like "ass" says, for my will be a good chance to use the virus at the same time than my Edirol UA 25 EX. I can´t use it at the same time because of the USB seems to be bandwidth exceeded and both devices are trying to use the ASIO driver.

    I have friends with XP 32 and 64, with just 2 or 3 USB ports on a laptop, and seems to be working perfect, but I bought a better machine full o RAM quad core procesors and my virus TI doesn´t work great, I can use just the Virus o the audio interface...

    Please any help will be great.


    Julian Calvo

  • Hello Marc, thank you for your quick answer...

    Yes I did, but somebody told me that It´s a USB problem, I actually check different USB 2.0 devices without problems, is just when the virus and the sound card are working together. 10 minutes ago I checked the savihost application, wich is interesting but it doesn´t fix my problem.

    So can you say me how can I solve the situation? Or have I to write them saying something particular?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    I´ll be here.


    Julian Calvo.

  • Well, I looked into AUVal (as I am on Mac) and can't even begin to figure it out... Can't really find any resources on the net either...
    Anyone ever done that with the Virus Control?
    If so, a step by step guide would be very welcome!

  • Well, I looked into AUVal (as I am on Mac) and can't even begin to figure it out... Can't really find any resources on the net either...

    totally sorry shnex, what i wanted to suggest is "Au Lab" which can be found within the application directory of your developer directory on the startup drive. you need the developer tools to be installed though.

    best, marc

  • i just posted this elsewhere...

    i know this isnt really what the TI is all about but....

    i would really like to use the VC while on the move with the laptop [and no im not buying a snow]. so maybe a cut down version of VC as a VST to allow jamming of ideas on the move and fine tuning at full strength when connected to the TI back home. so no atomizer etc just core programming available.

    should have searched a bit longer.

  • aas, in which way is this a problem?

    best, marc

    Marc, sorry for my late answer...

    when I say Virus audio isn't the main audio interface, I mean we never record Virus output using its audio usb.
    In a very simple setup, basically when people only owns a Virus and a computer, it's working perfectly, I agree.

    But in pro environment (or just in a larger setup) we record Virus audio via other machines (let say tube stages, and so on..) to the main audio interface (not Virus in that case) inputs.
    Moreover, when we launch Virus VSTi, usb have to be dedicated to an usb port on computer (i.e. not connected to usb hub) otherwise VSTi is locked, and I can imagine the main reason is for better audio streaming between computer and Virus.

    In conclusion, I would want to be able to start VSTi when Virus is behind a usb hub, in order to be able to edit Virus programs / performances / libraries, but with disabled usb audio .

    I hope it's clear now.


  • I vote for this one too. I'm an improvising musician with no interest at all in sequencing. Nor do I have any interest in routing the Virus's sound to anything other than its own outputs. So having to having to load Virus Control via a sequencer is just an unnecessary overhead and complication. I just want the graphical interface to the Virus provided by Virus Control. And I want to be able to run Virus control on my netbook, which is not powerful enough to host some of the supported sequencers.

    I've taken up the suggestion of running Virus Control via a VST host application. I've tried four of them and not been able to get any of them to work properly. None of the VST hosts are supported by Access Music, so I cannot raise support questions to get them working. I did start a thread asking for help getting Savihost working, as that appears to be the most recommended VST host, but got no replies. Eventually, I discovered that I had a free licence for Ableton Live Lite, which is lightweight enough to host Virus Control on my netbook. So I have had to go through a great deal of trial and error to achieve something straightforward.

    Every time I launch my dummy Virus project (all it does is host Virus Control) in Ableton Live Lite, I have to manually open Virus Control and, within Virus Control, click the Direct button and the Live button. Yes, these are very minor inconveniences, but again they seem pointless when I'm just trying to achieve something so simple.

    So, as well as stand-alone capability for Virus Control, I would like to see an enhancement whereby Virus Control would remember my preference for the Direct button and the Live button, so I don't have to click them every time I start Virus Control.


    Virus TI2 Polar | TIOS | Cubase Pro 9.5 | Windows 10 Professional

  • hope nobody minds me picking up the posts by "multiman" again, talking about problems when running virus TI and an external soundcard together.

    my laptop is brandnew (win7, i7 cpu, 8gb ram), even offers 1x usb3.0 - but still i can either run the soundcard or the TI1. i know, many laptops offer couple of usbs via hub, so basically just 1 "real" usb, which reduces bandwith for demanding devices like a soundcard or TI... still, there are synths out there (novation ultranova) doing ~ the same and working fine. funnily enough, my old laptop with same usb-specs (4 usb via 1 hub; except for no usb3.0) had no problems... hope there's a solution to this?

    all the best